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North Arkansas College

Job Title
Clinical Instructor
Type of Employment
Job Description

1. Demonstrate knowledge of basic nursing principles and skills.
2. Provide student supervision in the clinical setting.
3. Serve as a role model by demonstrating competent, caring, and professional behaviors.
4. Evaluating student progress.
5. Making student assignments.
6. Participating in continuing education.
Perform any other related duties as required or assigned.

Education and Experience:
Education and/or Experience
• Associates Degree in Nursing
• 3 years experience as a RN
• RN licensure State of Arkansas
• Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing
• 3 years experience as a Clinical Instructor

Application Procedure:
Log onto our website, www.northark.edu to fill out and submit an application.

*Unofficial transcripts can be submitted for the initial application process; however official transcripts are required before employment can be offered.

**Northark will not accept incomplete applications. Please fill out the application completely, even though the resume may include the same information.

Northark is open and inclusive of everyone.

This position will remain open until filled.

Last Day to Apply

Employment Opportunities at Northark

Oct 7, 2015 · 1:28 AM